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Castles & Stately Homes in Kent

Royal Tunbridge Wells is surrounded by some of the finest stately homes and castles in Kent, many with connections to well known figures from history.

From the renowned landscaped gardens of Leeds Castle to the moat at Hever Castle in Kent - each historic building has something unique and wonderful to offer.

Here is just a small selection to get you started...

Hever Castle is just 8 miles from Royal Tunbridge Wells and is best known as Anne Boleyn's childhood home. Built around a central courtyard and surrounded by a moat, the castle was also once home to the Astor family.

Penshurst Place has been in the ownership of the descendants of the Elizabethan poet Sir Philip Sidney for the last 450 years. An extensive medieval manor houe, it is as well known for its beautiful Elizabethan style gardens as it is for the magnificent Baron's Hall, the finest example in England.

Leeds Castle has long been considered 'the loveliest castle in England' and is surrounded by a lake and 500 acres of parkland - landscaped by Capability Brown. The best part is, it is only a short drive from Royal Tunbridge Wells.

Finchcocks Musical Museum is a fine Georgian manor set in beautiful gardens and surrounded by parkland. The manor houses a collection of historical keyboard instruments and visitors are given the opprotunity to play the instruments themselves.

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